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Own a real legitimate online casino. This online casino script comes with all the bells and whistles.

With 30 different games you'll have games for anyone that enjoys online casinos.

This script will allow you to brand the games to your own site name by editing the source code. Yes, You will also receive the source code to all the Flash Games to edit as you please. So feel free to place your casino name and logo on the roulette tables, on the slot machines, and the blackjack table.

Demo at


Back End Admin Features:

* Affiliate System
Turn Every Member into an affiliate. Each member will have their own affiliate link and will be able to track their affiliate statistics. Affiliate revenue is controlled and credited to member accounts by site administrator.

* Easy Template Design
Modifying your sites design is as easy as replacing the images in the sites images folder.

* Site Admin News Annoucement System
Keep your members, players, and affiliates up to date with your casino news and updates with the built in News and Announcement system.

* Automatic Deposit Clearing
This hands free feature will allow players to deposit money into their accounts and automatically receive credit without the administrator having to handle every transaction. Deposit are automatically updated on their account.

* Bonus Codes System
Give players incentive to deposit and play more with bonus codes.

* Site Statistics for Administrator
Keep track of the which games are played and how often to see which games are most profitable. Also track your site visitors and stay on top of site finances to make sure your casino stays profitable.

Requires: PHP/MySQL enabled webhosting

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